Love List


Just a little list of things which have made me smile recently...


Innocent Smoothies Feeling the Cold
Awww, isn’t this little woolly hat adorable? In Sainsbury’s they had shelves and shelves of smoothies all dressed up for the cold and they looked so cute I just couldn’t resist getting one. Isn’t its strawberry hat just the sweetest thing? I wish I had my own strawberry hat!


New Earrings
My boyfriend gave me these as a gift last week and I've been wearing them ever since.


New Shoes
I picked up these nice fleece-lined boots from Topshop at the weekend. After spying them online I originally intended to buy the lighter coloured version but when I came face to face with them in store I much preferred these darker ones. The fleece lining makes them nice and snug, plus they actually have a semi-decent sole which has proved pretty useful for navigating the super icy streets of Aberdeen.


Glittery Nails
I’ve wanted this red glitter polish for ages now and when I popped into Boots last week to treat myself I couldn’t help but take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer on Barry M. I haven’t been able to use any of these on my fingernails yet, as my work has a strict no nail varnish  policy, but I did give myself a little glitter pedicure instead. I won’t expose you to any pictures of my skanky feet but it does make me feel nice and festive whenever I take my socks off and catch a glimpse of my sparking toes!


Lots and lots of tea. There’s nothing better than a nice cup of tea out of your favorite mug when it’s blowing a blizzard outside!



I think this is maybe the first time I’ve seen proper icicles in real life. There were loads of them lined up along the roof of our outhouse and I thought they were so pretty. They’ve all melted now but at one point they were massive.



Crunching in the Snow
I hate to be cold but I do also love the snow. There’s nothing like pulling on a pair of boots (and lots of socks) and then jumping around in freshly fallen snow. I absolutely love the crunching sound it makes.

And things that didn’t make me smile...

Canceled Trains
I was supposed to go and spend the weekend with my boyfriend and I was planning to catch the train super early on Friday morning so that I could spend as much time as possible with him. I arrived at the station at 7.30am only to find out that every train from aberdeen was cancelled. I was so upset and going back home in the freezing cold, before the sun was even up, just made the start of my weekend feel so bleak. Fingers crossed the trains are back on by this Friday! 

What's made you smile recently?

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  1. I've been tempted with a wooly hat adorned smoothie myself :) but there wasn't such a sweet strawberry on the shelf when I was looking. Those are worth their weight in gold when you've got a hangover or cold (not the hat, the smoothie :D )

    We haven't got any snow over here but today at -8 everything was coated in a white layer of frost all day long. It positively looked like Narnia. :)

  2. Those boots look SO SNUGGLY. I have shoe envy! & I'll admit, I have a little 'thing' for icicles too. Something about them make me feel all wintery. & I want to hold one in my hand! (& have superpowers, heh.)

  3. Oh I think I definitely need to get that smoothie now :)

    the banana and vanilla ones are my favourite :)

    and the mug is absolutely priceless
    I NEED one

  4. LOVE those booties!
    I saw icicles for the first time last week too! So excting! :D

  5. Love the mug, ever so cute!


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