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Shoes & Glasses - Primark
Nails - Barry M Bright Purple & 17 Mint Choc Chip

I know that all the paint is rubbing off the beads on my bracelet, but I love it so much I'm going to wear it till it properly falls apart! It used to be little white and blue flowers painted on the beads.
I actually took these photos yesterday, just before I caught the train down to my parents house. It's so nice to be back home, especially since my mum has baked some of her awesome shortbread.

I'm home because I had an optician appointment this morning as I've been having problems with my contact lenses and my eyes have been really sore. Turns out I'm allergic to silicone, so it's a good job I wasn't planning a Boob Job anytime soon...

Anyway, I tried out Gem's Tips for polka dot nails but my nail art skills are pretty rubbish! I used a sewing pin to do mine but since I was watching TV as I was doing it I kept getting distracted, oops. Also, the quality of the 17 nail varnish (it's a Lasting Fix one) is really terrible. It was gooey and hard to get a nice smooth coat, and then it starting chipping literally an hour after I applied it! I know it cost less than £3 but still, I would have expected better from Boots.
Has anyone else tried this line of nail varnish? What did you think?

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  1. Love your outfit, it's so summery and omg your nails are amazing! That's a shame about the 17 nail varnish though :/ xx

  2. I think you have THE best dress collection.

  3. I love your dress! And the shoes are adorable too, can't believe they're Primark!

  4. I love your nails they look fab :) X

  5. I've never tried 17 polish's but thanks for the tip - keep away!

    Love love love your dress


  6. I love your dress! Having a look through the Trollied Dolly website just now, so many things I want to buy!
    I'm rubbish at nail art too, it far too fiddly for me haha. I have a couple of the 17 nail polishes, the first one I bought was really good but the second one was awful quality. Very annoying!

  7. great post...I totally love your dress!

    ps. I would like to vite you to my first giveaway!


  8. love your dress and awh you're so adorable ! <3

  9. Gorgeous dress and such pretty nails.

    Helen, X


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