I have once again been tempted by the sale at Urban Outfitters. They casually dropped an email in my inbox this morning and I thought "There's no harm in just looking".
But I never just look.
Sales are always the worst - I see the reduced prices and no matter how much the discount is I always tell myself 'It's such a bargain!' and then before I know it I've filled up my basket with half the store.

I'm supposed to be saving my pennies for a summer holiday with my beloved, but I've been such a good girl lately I'm sure I deserve a treat. While browsing the UO sale I filled my basket with these little treats, and now my problem is deciding what to buy, and what to leave behind.

L-R Top: 1, 2, 3, Bottom: 4, 5, 6

Can you help me decide?

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  1. first of all

    a) you have to buy the satchel - its such a good price, you will wear it forever!

    b) i like ALL OF THEM!

    c) realistically i would go for 3, 5, 6

    sorry this hasnt been any help! i bought the anna wintour fan club tee - very temped on the karl who? tee. so many nice things on there sigh!

    sorry for the ramble xxx they are all lovely!

  2. i'm going with the bag - because you can team it with so many outfits [therefore, no need to feel guilty!] the belt purely because you can also mix it with anything to give your wardrobe a summer update. and thennnnn the polka dot and the floral numbers purely because they're yummy.

    [as you can tell, i'm also one of those people that has a hellish time deciding at sales!]

  3. If i were you i would buy the polka dot shorts, bag and the last skirt. I've had a quick look at the sale and there is a lot of stuff i want as well! x

  4. I loveloveLOVE the satchel! But I'm not too crazy about shorts in general, so any of the skirts would be my pick.

  5. wow, i lvoe urban outfitters.
    go for 2,5 and 6 :)
    well i would if i were you anyway :) x

  6. I was also looking at that satchel earlier, it's lovely, hopefully it'll still be in stock in a few days when I can afford it! The spotty shorts are nice too!

  7. the first skirt is my favourite, i love the ice cream colours!

  8. Oh my, I literally am in love with everything you've chosen! Which I'm aware is really unhelpful, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to stay unhelpful, because I couldn't choose either..!

  9. polka dot shorts and bag!!

    i know what you mean with UO!! aaahh!! and now, they even have $10 flat rate shipping to canada.. that sounds like heaven to me!! aaah!!!

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  10. I'm so bad at controlling myself in the sales haha!
    I think my favourites would have to be the first skirt and the satchel.

  11. Urban outfitter sales are the worst...I'm always sucked in!! very cute finds.
    The last skirt is my favorite.

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