Raspberry Ripple


Dress - Tesco
Cardigan - Deer Friend
Shoes - Primark

I'm so awkward in front of the camera - I always end up either looking at the floor or pulling a ridiculous face, as you can see above!

I got this dress from Tesco last summer - Tom and I were on a bit of a road trip to visit friends and when we stopped for petrol he sent me into Tesco to buy some supplies. I spied this dress for a cheeky £10 and knew I had to have it! I actually hid it in my handbag so that Tom wouldn't find out (he dosen't think I need any more clothes), but I'm terrible at keeping secrets and 'fessed up eventually.

Looking at these pictures now, I wish I had worn a belt to break up the florals but thanks to Gok Wan I'm always cautious about wearing waist belts because I see so many girls wearing them with everything and anything. Does anyone else think that or am I just being ridiculous?

It's less than two weeks until I jet off to Malawi to meet Tom and I'm so excited. I got my first round of vaccines today, which wasn't terribly nice. I don't mind needles too much but my arms do feel quite heavy and sore now, so I've cheered myself up this evening by watching Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and eating some yummy white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes. 
What have you been up to today?

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  1. i think its fine with or without the belt. i prefer it without tho :)

  2. The dress is so cute! I am with you with the akward faces! Lol for some or other reason when someone else takes the pics i am fine but as soon as i get out the tripod i do weird things! :P

  3. This is adorable, I really need to keep a better beady eye on Tesco as they have some incredible items. I actually much prefer if without a belt, it looks far more authentic 50s that way! Very cute! I feel your pain on the injections, I had tons when I went to Namibia and they gave me crazy dreams! x

  4. Ooooh, bet you're getting excited about Malawi! Have you started packing yet, or thinking about what to take? Loving this dress. I can imagine it with a waist belt actually & think it'd look lovely, but it's still really cool as it is.

  5. haha i totally see what you mean about Gok!

    that dress is so so pretty, i just cant wait for summer! xxx

  6. That dress is so pretty, you really suit it. That's so exciting that you're going to Malwai too!! Hope you have a great time :)

  7. I love that you hid the dress in your bag! Its so cute as well, I love Tesco's clothes

  8. You have the best dress collection! x

  9. Love the dress, it's so feminine and cute!



  10. like your hair!

  11. I'm really awkward infront of the camera aswell! I love your outfit though :)

  12. this dress is gorgeous - can't believe its from tesco! and i've got nothing against waist belts but i think it looks fine as it is :) x

  13. Such a pretty little dress. I will admit to falling into the belt trap - but my excuse is that it gives me some structure to what i'm wearing. Being an hour glass sometimes clothes can totally swamp me.

  14. Cute dress. I never have any luck at Tesco, the sizing and shaping seems all wrong for me. I really should try on before I buy!

  15. your outfit is soo cute, love it :)




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