Here I Go Again


Ooooops, I have accidentally neglected my poor little blog over summer.
I'm going to blame BT for my absence - we moved to a new city a few months ago and getting the internet set up has been such a nightmare. They cancelled my order for no apparent reason then took ages to send out the hub and connect everything up.
Anyway, I'm back online now and I've got lots of things to share so expect regular posting to resume from now on!

For now, though, I will share a few snaps Tom took of me while we were holidaying in the Lake District back in July...




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  1. Ooh, lovely to see you back :) Looking forward to seeing more from you again!

    Love the Lake District - you look very glam, all the pics I've got from there are in bloody walking boots etc, not very pretty & girly at all!

  2. You have such a cute blog!
    I love your dress in the first photo! :)

  3. Very beautiful pictures and your outfits are amazing!!! Love your blog!!

  4. Hey gorgeous cute blog :)
    new to blogger so if you follow me ill follow you right back :P



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