Freshers Carnage


Reko Dress, Levis Jacket, Topshop Shoes

I got this Reko dress when I was in London a few weeks ago and I really love it. My boyfriend almost fainted at the price tag though!
It's freshers week in Aberdeen at the moment so the city centre is pretty much carnage. My little sister just moved into student halls here over the weekend and my flatmate and I went to a party there last night. It kind of made me wish I was back in first year, and also made me glad I'm not! Freshers week is great because nobody knows anyone and people always introduce themselves to you and chat away. But then after a few weeks everyone settles into their 'groups' and the freshers friendliness disappears. I met so many people in my first few weeks of uni who I thought I'd be great friends with, and don't even speak to most of them anymore. How sad!
But still, all the theme nights they have in the clubs this week are quite fun. I don't usually go to any of the big clubs in Aberdeen but somehow when you are covered in glitter and wearing neon knee-high socks, even the worst clubs seem like awesome fun!

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