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I'm not really sure what's going on with my feet in that top picture, sorry.
Also I look like a bit of a hunchback.
H&M Dress, Upper 5th Cardigan

Today I attended a job interview which felt more like my first day of primary school. It was one of those group affairs and we all sat round a table while they gave us ‘tasks’. In task one we had to pair up and write a story. There were only 2 rules:

1. The story had to mention the name of the company the job interview was for
2. EVERY other word in the story had to be 3 letters long or less

My partner was a very pleasant man who was wearing jeans, a white shirt and a red tie (both tucked in). He had lots of tattoos and upon introducing himself to the whole group he listed his main interests as “Myths and legends and stuff.” Despite this statement, he seemed to have an unexpected lack of imagination. Our story was a bit like this:

Jim and Bob had a cat and a dog and a car and had to hop to see the sun. The cat had a hat.

However the aim of the task was not to deliver a literary masterpiece but to get the highest word count, and we won with a whopping 47. We got a bag of minstrels. My partner didn’t like chocolate, so I guess I achieved something today.

In other news, it is one of my best friend’s 21st birthday this weekend and I still haven’t bought her a present! In the years that I have known her I have never bought her a birthday present (there are many, many complicated reasons for this) so this one needs to be extra amazing. I literally have no idea what to get her and no money to buy it with! Someone out there must have a suggestion!

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