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I seem to have been on hiatus for the past week! I really have no idea where all my time went. I was in London over the long weekend with my best friend - the trip was my 21st birthday gift from her.

We did all the usual stuff, like Camden and Portobello Markets and Oxford Street Topshop. We stayed pretty near to Camden and one night we went to the Odeon to see 500 Days of Summer. The cinema was so small, about only 50 seats, and Simon Amstell and Miquita Oliver were sitting right in front of us. It was quite weird because when you see people, especially I think TV presenters who are never playing a part, on the TV you sometimes feel like you know them and if you see them in real life you always want to say 'Hi' and stop to chat but obviously you can't really!

I hardly took any photos all the time I was in London because I kept leaving my camera in the hotel room but here's a rather ridiculous shot of me pretending to be a cat in Camden. Don't ask!

We went out to Koko on Friday, mainly because we'd both been there before and didn't really know where else to go. I enjoyed it because it's a bit different to any of the clubs here where I live and it's nice to hear live music in a club for a change, even if some of it was the Dolly Rockers!

Dolly Rockers - Gold Digger Video Shoot

If you've never seen them before they pretty much seem to be just big hair, short skirts and lots of make-up.

Anyway, I'm off with my boyfriend to visit his parents for the weekend and next week I've got lots of job interviews so I'm a very busy girl. Hopefully I will have time for some sporadic posts!

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  1. I want to visit koko one day, it sounds like the place to be!
    I loove your coat, it's gorgeous.

    And wow at seeing them in the cinema! You should have talked to them :D I would have been shocked to see them infront of me!

  2. P.S. good luck with the interviews :)


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