The Apple of My Eye


I am finally reconnected! My old laptop is well and truly dead but it did give me an excuse to buy a nice shiny new one, at least. There's a brand new (amazing) shopping centre here in Aberdeen and it has it's very own Apple store. Of course, my boyfriend and I had to go in to take a look and play with all the MacBooks etc they have set up there. We both decided that our lives wouldn't be complete without some Apples! I've wanted a Mac for ages but never quite managed to pluck up the courage to buy one until now! It's funny because I think lot's of people who have used a PC for most of their lives are a bit apprehensive about Macs. I was a little the same but now I'm totally converted!

Macs are almost a bit of a fashion accessory nowadays- all the cool kids seem to have them! Mine is sleek and white and shiny but I'm not really into the whole minimalist look- I'm a true girly girl at heart and what would be better than a truly girly Mac??

snow white decal

Or if you are after something with a bit more edge:

evil snow white decal
They are both from etsy. Just search for Snow White Decal.

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