Old New Shoes




Dress - Motel
Cardigan - Primark
Shoes - eBay
Tights - Tabio

I bought these shoes last summer but this is the first time I've ever worn them! I don't wear heels very often because I often feel self-conscious about my height (I'm 5'10" and already taller than most of my friends without heels) although my mum always tells me I should embrace my height and show off my long legs haha.
I treated myself to this dress in the Motel sale just after Christmas and I love it, I think I will need to add some more leopard print to my wardrobe soon. It's super short though so I only feel safe when I pair it with super thick tights or leggings.


I baked these cupcakes at work yesterday and I just thought they were so cute I had to snap a quick picture with my iphone. What do you think?
One of my good friends opened his own shop in September last year and I've been working for him for the last few months. It's near the university campus and we sell things like paninis and crepes but I've been experimenting with some home baked goods. These cupcakes went down a storm - a woman came in today and bought four, then came back later for another one!

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  1. I love the shape of your dress, its gorgeous!

  2. The outfit's great - I've become partial to a bit of leopard print myself recently..

    I have got SO many pairs of 'old new shoes' it's actually ridiculous. I'm constantly buying shoes (& clothes for that matter) & never wearing them.. It's a real problem I have actually!

    The cupcakes look yummy :)


  3. Oh my goodness, those cupcakes look amazing! And your outfit is lovely :)

  4. Wooooo, love that dress! What a cracking fit. Your Mum is right, embrace your height! Every last inch, your legs are stunning anyway but even more so in heels. Hah, now I sound like a perve :(

  5. those cakes look amazing,
    and that dress was MADE for you.

  6. Your shoes are lovely and those cupcakes look delicious :-) xoxo

  7. Those shoes are AMAZING! They are sandal clogs! sandlogs!! I love them.
    I recently over-dosed on cupcakes. I have since created the term "the cupcakover". http://www.sos-saveourshoes.com/2011/01/cupcakover.html
    x fi

  8. That dress looks lovely on you and it goes well with that red cardigan! I love your shoes, they're amazing! And those cupcakes...hhmm they look so yummy! (:

  9. The cupcakes look amazing! Looks like a really good recipe for icing, was it buttercream? Love the leopard print dress aswell. I'm not usually a massive fan but you have styled it really well! xo

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