I'm Just a Professional


Last night my boyfriend and I attempted to go see Inglorious Basterds at the cinema but it was already sold out like an hour before it started! So gutted.
Instead we went to the supermarket, bought slightly too much wine and Man On Fire from the bargain movie bucket. SUCH an awesome movie! In fact, I've never seen a bad Denzel film but this one was ace. It had just the right mix of supercharged emotions and gratuitous violence! Oh and the most mature 7 year old ever. People say 'I'm just a Professional!' a lot and Denzel cuts some of their fingers off. Watch it, you'll love it!
Then at 11.30 we got a call from a friend (who had just come out the cinema - I hate him) to say all the guys were in town and we should go meet them. We obliged, since it was actually said caller's birthday, and I managed to get myself ready to leave in about 3 and 1/2 seconds! Beast! That's prob why my outfit is not so great, and my terrible posing and photoface is definitely due to the aforementioned wine. Also, the fact that I look a bit fat could be due to the amazing amazing gnocchi and meatballs I cooked for me and my boyfriend earlier. Mmmm.

Candy Stripes

Topshop Dress and Shoes
Now it's half 2 and I just ate breakfast. Oh dear.

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