Fallout 3


Have you seen that movie The Duchess? And it has the tagline 'There Were Three People in Her Marriage'? (Which has to be the worst tagline ever btw). Anyway, I think I may know how Georgina felt when that skank moved in. I'm not married, and my boyfriend is not cheating on me really, but today he bought an Xbox. Before breakfast. Then he bought Fallout 3. I have officially been replaced...

Wine Motel

Motel Dress, Faith Shoes, 2nd hand Levis Jacket


Last night we ate pizza, drank some wine and watched CSI:Miami before meeting my boyfriend's mate, who was having some girl problems. I got this dress for £10 in Topshop (I think it was originally like £45) because it has a teeny hole in the back, where the label is, which is actually invisible to the human eye. I always knew those Topshop employees were actually cyborgs.....

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  1. I felt the same way when my boyfriend bought an I-Phone. it's like "the other woman" is living in our house. I hate "her" and all her apps! (great outfit BTW)


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