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Dress-Vintage, Cardigan-Deer Friend, Shoes-Faith, Necklace-Gift

Since it has been snowing on and off all day here in Aberdeen, and because I have no plans to leave the house until later tonight when I head out to celebrate with my friend after her last exam, I decided to crank up the central heating a little and don a springtime outfit for lounging about the house.
I do love winter, with fresh laid snow and wrapping up in scarves and mittens and wool jumpers stolen from my boyfriend, but for some reason I have begun yearning for springtime. I think I was maybe influenced by writing this post before I got dressed today.

I got this dress while I was in London over the summer and I love it very much. I paid a little bit more than I think I should have for it, but I couldn't leave the shop without it. It fits me perfectly and I know I will never grow bored of its simplicity.
The necklace was a gift from my boyfriend this Christmas. His dad's secretary made it and I understand that she makes and sells jewellery in her spare time but unfortunately I have never seen anything else she has created and I have no idea if she has a website or where she sells her things from. However there are quite a few similar items on the Lunacy Boutique website, so if you like my necklace I'd suggest you take a look over there. I bet something will take your fancy!

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  1. such a cute dress!

  2. Love your outfit! Bubble gum colours and brogues are awesome!
    Corinne x

  3. i love the dress, the shape of the cut around the hips is really great.

  4. The dress looks perfect on you and that necklace is so goddamn cute!

  5. Your right that dress does look perfect on you!!! And i absolutely love that necklace!!!


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